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1How does it work?

At lots:op we match life-changing opportunities to your personal profile and interests. If you tell us you are interested in volunteering for example, we will find opportunities for you to volunteer locally or abroad.

2What is an opportunity?

An opportunity on lots:op is some activity or experience that has the power to enhance, enrich or change your life. Our opportunities fall into the following broad categories:

  • - Volunteering
  • - Working or living overseas
  • - Study & education
  • - Cultural & travel experiences
  • - Health & well-being experiences

3How do I obtain an opportunity?

Lots:op helps you find opportunities and connect you with businesses that will help you achieve those opportunities. To obtain and complete an opportunity, we will guide you through the following journey:

  • - Find the opportunity that you want to complete
  • - View the details of the opportunity and enquire
  • - Provide some basic information & preferences
  • - confirm bookings, quotes, or make payments (if applicable)
  • - Get out there & get the experience of your life!

4How do I get started?

To take the first step on your journey to discovering life-changing opportunities is to create a member profile and tell us what you are interested in. You will start seeing relevant opportunities instantly!


Alternatively, you can start browse to see some examples of the opportunities you will find on lots:op. Use the search and filters to find opportunities that you may be interested in.